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I have two brilliant Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strips that I so wanted to share with you.  I did the proper thing and located the publisher to seek permission but could not obtain consent.  The response was:

I cannot give permission for any image of Calvin & Hobbes to be used in anyway online or to be altered (i.e. text removed) in any way for any use.  Permissions Administrator, Universal Uclick

I have however been granted permission to describe the two strips to you and to link to the actual strips on GoComics.  These are located at the end of this post:

Please enjoy:

Scene:  Calvin and Hobbes walking outside, both wrapped up.  It is early February.

Calvin:  Hmm … Somebody’s having a fire.  I love the smell of a fire on a cold winter’s day.  Isn’t it strange how smells are so evocative, but we can’t describe them.

Hobbes:  Oh, I dunno, that fire has a snorky, brambish smell.

Calvin:   I should have known animals would have words for smells …

Hobbes:  It’s a little brunky, but the low humidity affects that.

Calvin:  You’re telling me that animals have their own words for specific smells?

Hobbes:  Well sure

Calvin:   OK, what’s the word for how wet leaves smell?

Hobbes:  “Snippid”

Calvin:   What’s the word for how I smell?

Hobbes:  “Terrible”.

Love it!

Here are the links:



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