Beautiful Writing Desks and Implements


If you are writing beautiful words it is imperative you have equally beautiful and stylish accoutrements.  Be inspired by elegant and professional writing desks, writing pads and, of course, the finest and loveliest fountain pens.

There is no doubt that beautiful writing desks and implements increase your propensity to write better and be more creative.  It is a fact that business professionals in all walks of life perform better when they are suitably and correctly fitted out.

So if you are serious about being the best at what you do in your writing and in your life, ensure that you strive to have the best materials about you to enable that creativity in you to flourish.

Whether you wish to acquire a simply gorgeous writing desk as that pictured at the top of the page or a gorgeously simple desk like this one, find one to suit your needs and finances.Writing Desk







Then, having acquired your beautiful writing desk, you will need a luxurious writing pad and leather holder such as this lovely item which can be purchased at Amazon:

Jack George Pad Amazon

And perhaps the most important of all, it is necessary to have an exquisite writing implement along the lines of this superb Parker Duofold White and Ivory Medium Point Fountain Pen:

Fountain Pen 3

Or, at the very least a writing implement of some quality to elevate your word thoughts.

People have forgotten – those a little younger than I never have known – about the smell of ink. It really does imbue the written word with a certain je ne sais quoi.

A good pen (and I don’t mean ballpoints) puts one in touch with the elegance of handwriting and, unlike the altogether temporary tools that comprise our computing arsenals, it will last forever if properly maintained.

I had the great fortune of receiving mine as a gift, and I could hardly think of anything better. Yet even if you are not so lucky, I would encourage the investment: it will put you in touch with yourself in such a way that your computer never could.


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